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DEKK-TILE is available in 14” and 16” stamps. Its contemporary “clay-tile” style creates vivid shadows that will enhance any building. Dekk-Tile is available in your choice of 6 low gloss, high performance color coatings in 26 gauge with a 40-year paint warranty.

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▶ Colours and Gauges

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26 Gauge

*Colours shown are approximations of actual product. Actual samples available on request.

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▶ Brochures and Installation Guides

Dekk-Tile Brochure Dekk-Tile Installation Dekk-Tile Screw Placement Dekk-Tile Installation Guide Roof Preparation Flashing Preparation Screw Placement Flashing Installation Pipe Flashing Ridge Cap Application Skylight Endwall Sidewall

▶ Proper Handling

Handling of individual panels should be done carefully and properly to avoid bending or damage. Panels should be carried by grasping the siphon edge of the panel, so that the panel is vertical to the ground. The panel should NOT be carried with the panel horizontal to the ground as this could cause the panel to buckle or bend in the center of the panel.