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Roof Preparation


Our products can be used in both new and old construction. We recommend installation over solid substrate. Installation over strapping is also possible. The following steps should be taken to prepare the roof for installation of any roof panel.

  1. Make sure there are no nails or other objects that might puncture the underlayment of roof panels.

  2. Check all details for possible roof penetrations which must be added to the roof prior to panel installation (vented ridge - plumbing stacks).

  3. Cover the roof deck with Nova Seal, overlaying 6". When installing over strapping, run the felt parallel with the metal panels, making sure that the felt is tight.

  4. Snap a chalk line along the gable end where the first panel will be installed. This line should be ½" away from the edge of the roof and square with the eave.

Existing Roof

In some cases metal roofing can go over existing roofing. For those roofs use 1x4 strapping on 16" O.C. screwed through to the rafter. (The minimum pitch for Prolok 12 is 2/12 pitch).

  1. Inspect the roof for damage and make repairs.
  2. Secure any warped or loose sheeting.
  3. Remove all moss and debris from roof.
  4. Screw down 1x4 on 16" O.C.

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