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Screw Placement & Lapping

Diamond Rib / WF-1236 Duraclad / Allclad
Weathershield 1 Weathershield 2
WF 7/8 Corrugated Wall WF 7/8 Corrugated Roof
Prolok Dekk-Tile
Use a 10 x 1½ Screw in the lows every 2nd row staggered.

Use a 10 x 1½ Screw along the bottom edge of the sheet.

Use a 12 x 7/8" Stitch Screw in the side laps every 2nd row.

At the eave and ridge screw every low.
Washer / Weather Guard Dome Sidelap Sealant
Neoprene washer slightly visible at edge of metal washer. Assembly is weather tight. Neoprene washer not visible, not enough compression to seal properly. Metal washer deformed. Neoprene washer extruded beyond edge of washer.

Low sloped roofs and high wind areas.